IZAMBAR CIGARS « Kingdom » double robusto ( english )

« The cigar is an art of suggestion and divination, but also a true art of living – timeless and spiritual. » by Edmond.

It is a very particular tasting, which I propose you in this brief paragraphs!  This cigar, very precious in my eyes, takes its story from my own life and my experience, from the enthusiasm which I give to cigars, its flavours which continue day after day to exalt my senses of mild swirls – magic and intoxicating. It is with force and folly that this passion is concentrating and materialising through this new brand and modulus, baptized IZAMBAR « Kingdom ». A Double Robusto of 21 gram, with greedy dimensions of 158 per 54 de cepo. An ambitious cigar, born through a large synergy with our master blender in Nicaragua, myself (Edmond) and my partner Antonio, a big enthusiast too.

In fact, it has taken us more than a year of work, entwined by, sometimes uncertain, odours and tasting dissections to concretise this project with the utmost probity to offer you a cigar good enough to be tasted now.

I count on you to give us your analysis after having tasted « Kingdom » in the next few months.

Meanwhile, here is mine! I admit that the exercise is far by being easy.

Visually, this double robusto leaves no one indifferent; its harmonious and muscled measurements are courting appetite from the first sight on. From a quite strong constitution, this big rigid body develops good gentleness, like the milk coffee or the one of the chicory for example, up until undergrowth woods and fragrant grasses, omen of a profound and very promising appetizer.

From its lighting on, my first aspirations where exposed by a harmonious, gentle and creamy odour, olfactory soft and ample in the mouth, dictated by powerful and secure background flavours, an analogous contrast between the dormant volcanoes of wonderful landscapes. A little advice, this excellent cigar requires prudence by imposing the rule of slow moves to take the best « liquor » out of it. Your breathing frequency will be determining in this degustation, so do not be too hurried! This was my personal problem. Of a comfortable and pleasant persistence, I find this first part rigorously endearing, comfortable and pleasant. Blowing an interesting and pondered temperament, awakening with subtlety its notes of coffee, hazelnut, biscuits and cookies, spicy and honey tones.

The 2nd part comes with a more sustained form than before with the apparition of a more persistent pepper, perceived at the tip of the tongue, without sidestepping its creamy and satiating approvals. This, without indecent altercation with the taste buds. From a relative evolution of its homelands, this « Kingdom » is able to satisfy me very honourable through the good equilibrium of taste/strength. At this stage of this partition, its strengthened aromas are up to now diffusing notes of mild toffee, coffee and crusts of warm bread, which odour comforts you in the morning. With its pleasant and suave length, this cigar finds its veritable cruising speed after a « joy » of smoking, an essential phase that you will appreciate, where everything depends if you like the tranquillity and comfort of big liners or the more recreational side of sailing boats!

In this third stage, this last part marks its transition of the creamy/spicy form with those of a traditional cuisine, rich and opulent of comforting and nostalgic flavours. In sum, this « Kingdom » knows how to show itself imperial in its adequacy without losing anything of its caring as soon as you push it to the limits. A cigar, which I find astonishing, if not unique! This « IZAMBAR » is far more peppery and coloured in this last opus than in its first stage. This is oriented by a more expressive richness, which tastes itself until the last puff without infringing its balance at any time.

By analysing this cigar in its totality, one can remark a certain regularity from the beginning on, then very slightly and without precipitation taking more ease and confidence, to finish by qualifying itself after 1h30 of delectation without wrong note, without any heaviness nor acridity, to be able to finalise cheerfully and stimulating.

I know what you think, that my analysis cannot be very objective and you are surely right!  However, sincerely, we are satisfied by the result of this realisation that only came out thanks to our common passion for cigars.

More than a tasting, I tried in this recital to share with you a moment, which I am pleased to depict in my modest writings, which some already know.

I hope having excited your olfactory corm as well as your curiosity. My heart note …/20, not this time! 


  • Origine: tripe: Nicaragua, sous-cape: Nicaragua, cape: Equateur
  • Format: double robusto
  • Taille: 158mm x 21,4mm
  • Bague: 54
  • Poids: 22gr
  • Année: 2016
  • Prix Suisse: 15,9chf


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