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-The Welles humidor is more than just a simple humidor – it is a decorative piece with an ultra-contemporary shape and materials. Some may think it looks like a safe, or perhaps a spaceship that has fallen out of the sky, or a Jules Verne submersible, while others may see a ‘cyborg’ temple guardian perched on his three stainless steel legs. I wanted this piece to be more fun-looking than a simple cigar container, and above all less austere than the all-familiar traditional ‘cigar box’. To achieve this we sought a design more in keeping with the times, while including the features required to preserve our precious cigars at the right humidity using quality materials.

-The Welles can contain up to 300 cigars in three racks made from 6-mm Perspex, designed to hold the main formats available on the market, and an empty space below where a few boxes can be stored.

-The wood used for the inner lining is Okoumé, an African species with qualities equivalent to those of Spanish cedar. 20 mm solid wood. (Note that nowadays true Spanish cedar is a protected species from Central America. Use of this designation, which is unfortunately not monitored, is obsolete and often false.

Many humidors are indeed made from cedar, but from China (Chinese cedar) which is passed off as Spanish cedar. For all of our pieces, we have used Okoumé for ecological and environmental reasons.)

-The bottom of the humidor lights up when the door is opened. More than just a fanciful touch, this cold ambient light shows off your wrappers to beautiful effect and is practical for making your selection.

-The outer casing is made from MDF spray lacquered with an ultra-matt white finish. 40-mm solid wood.

-The piece is supported by three square-cut polished stainless steel bases (60×60) fixed to the body of the humidor by three 5-mm thick plates and four polished titanium screws.

-The door sports a chrome porthole, a hygrometer, a precision thermometer and a mechanical lock.

-The humidor is equipped with a top-end electronic humidification system: the ‘CigarSpa’, well known for its reliability and its ease of use.

Interior dimensions: H 520 mm x L 320 mm x D 230 mm                 

Exterior dimensions: H 640 mm x L 440 mm x D 360 mm

Exterior dimensions on feet: H 1600 mm x L 760 mm x D 540 mm 

Total weight: 45 kg


  1. Selection of colours according to the customer’s sample.
  2. Engraving and interior or exterior ‘graphic’ personalisation on quotation only.
  3. artisticcustomization

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